We connected with Gerry Blum on LinkedIn and decided to look at the challenges this Geman tennis academy owner is facing. The Gerry Blum Professional Tennis School is located in Offenbach near Frankfurt.. Gerry's motto is KEEP MOVING AND IMPROVING!


Questions for Gerry Blum

TCB: Where were you born, Gerry? 

GB: I was born in Israel, Beer Sheva.

TCB: How old were you when you started tennis and who got you into it?

GB: I was 2 and a half years old and loved it, because of my dad.

TCB:  When did you start teaching tennis and why did you get into it?

GB: I was playing really good and the coach of the tennis facility asked me if I want to start making some money teaching with 13 years of age and also being able to use the tennis facility to train with my coach and he could advertise that I was training in his facility.


TCB: When did you open the Gerry Blum Professional Tennis School? What's the business model? Kids, adults, both?

GB: I started GBPTS during College because everybody loved to train with me, from beginners to very strong juniors and I won the Wilson Tennis Foundation Cinny Bunn Award after only 1 year of teaching because the program grew so big quickly.

TCB: Is the business located inside a tennis club? If yes, how many courts and what are the surfaces?

GB: The business is located in 3 clubs and there are 5,5,7 courts all clay and 1 indoor facility with 5, one with 3 carpet courts.


TCB: Are there other tennis pros teaching at GBPTS?

GB: Yes, I have 6 coaches working with me.

TCB: What were your challenges before COVID-19 hit?

GB: Being there for the clubs and also touring with some of my pro players.

TCB: Did you have to close GBPTS? Was it government-mandated?

GB: No, we are doing online live Cyber training on all topics, tennis technique, strategy and tactics, fitness and coordination, wall drills, fun coordination challenges with bottles, plates, cups and tennis balls, Metal and Psychological training, mindfulness. 


TCB: When do you expect to go back and open the business again?

GB: Normal business will start hopefully around May , but I will also keep the online business.

TCB: What is your expectation as far as the business development for the rest of the year is concerned? Will your students all come back?

GB: I don’t know, but I am sure people won’t go on holidays away from Germany, so maybe good training possibilities, maybe tennis as the perfect social distance sport will get more customers, I don’t think there will be any international tournaments, only national tournaments for my pro players to possibly make some money, so less traveling.


TCB: What is your opinion as far as the future of tennis after the pandemic is concerned?

GB: Same as the last question, always be positive, we learned that through our beautiful sport, compete and stay positive.


TCB: What is your tennis racquet of choice?

GB: I mostly played Wilson my entire career, the Pete Sampras Wilson 85 pro staff Origjnal, now the Wilson RF specially tuned more swing weight and different balance point, Wilson is the best brand, had the most GrandSlam Winners of all Brands, Wilson 3 Ever.

TCB: Have you played Pickleball? What is your opinion of it?

GB: I played Pickleball for fun, it’s great and a lot of fun, I love many sports, Golf, Skiing, snowboarding, basketball, and soccer but tennis is the biggest love of all.

TCB: Thank you, Gerry.