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Tennis Court Resurfacing​

With all the challenges we are facing in the tennis construction industry managing time to get in and out of projects is more important than ever. Consider the TitanTrax Shield when beginning a crack repair and tennis court resurfacing project. Individual crack repair methods (treating just the crack)  take 40% more time to complete than laying the shield over the entire surface.  In rainy weather conditions, it can take even longer. This means turn around times are much quicker with less down time. The facility downtime can be cut in half.


The TitanTrax Shield also has a five-year warranty against cracking. The Shield protects the entire pavement from water, ice, and sunlight oxidation making new cracks less likely to happen. Owners are never happy spending 12 to 15 thousand on color and crack repair surfacing project only to have new cracks show up the next year.   Working with TitanTrax Shield is working smarter.