Doug Cash is the owner of the consulting company CashFlowTennis, a company that helps club owners and tennis professionals increase their memberships, increase programming, train their employees, and therefore make their clubs more successful. His latest passion is to help grow the number of new players in the United States by using innovative programs and marketing.


He is a frequent speaker at many industry conventions throughout the US and Canada. His expertise lies in the business of tennis and he has trained more Directors of Tennis and Club Managers than anyone else in the industry. He has helped run tennis facility owners' conferences in both the US and Canada.

Doug is a PTR International Master Professional (one of only 55 in the world) and USPTA certified tennis professional and has received many industry awards including being inducted into the Midwest USPTA hall of fame in 2005 and in 2019 has been awarded Tennis Industry Magazine’s Tennis Industry Service Awards and the TIA’s Commitment to the Industry Award

Before launching CashFlowTennis, Doug retired in 2005 after a 35-year career with the leading tennis ownership and Management Company in the US Tennis Corporation of America (TCA).  He was the COO and was responsible for up to 42 clubs, 2,700 employees, and over 250 tennis professionals.

You can contact Doug at or by calling 312.927.2274  



Yes, you have one!

By Doug Cash

What do you mean you do not have one?  Here are the 5 key activities that you should be doing whether you are managing a club, many clubs, a department, or an activity (such as teams, etc.)


1. Improve


You have heard me preach that every time we talk. You should spend time each day improving things. Not approving, improving. If much of your time is sucked up approving things that you hired other people to do, you are just a highly paid roadblock. By the way, the word “improve” comes from the Old French root that gives us the word profit (Im – in or into + prou – profit). Improve literally means to take something and turn it into a profit. Shouldn’t you be improving things every day? Isn’t that what we are being paid to do?


2. Seek opportunities


You’re the lookout at the top of the mast ever alert for new business, good people, better ways to do things, joint ventures, new services and programs, bolder and more effective and creative ways to maximize your resources. You read and study about marketing, your competition, your member's products, etc – all so you are ready to pounce on the next opportunity before others do.  Opportunities rarely shout out by themselves – you need to keep your eyes and ears open.


3. Plan


“No time to plan. Too busy!” Ok, but history shows us that businesses don’t usually grow by accident.  Your role is to mettle under fire and develop and hold a vision.  Don’t let anything or anyone get in your way..


4. Organize


Oceanliner captains, 747 pilots, military generals have a particular trait in common. They get to where they want to go, they must be well organized. Get your paperwork under control, master the time-wasters, and train your team to do the same. Remember that organization breeds efficiency and helps to eliminate wasted effort.


5. Measure


What gets measured gets done…. Have you ever heard me say that?  Create your war room that shows the results of everyone’s hard work.  Manage what the stats are telling you and reward up stats and coach down stats.


Try this starting today – Keep a piece of paper with the words

Improve – Seek Opportunities – Plan – Organize – Measure written across the top.

A couple of times per day write down how many hours you put in planning, improving, etc.  If you do not spend at least 75% of your time in these areas, then you’re wasting your company's most valuable resource YOU.

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