Drop-In Tennis Secrets

A manual for creating a second income stream with tennis

By Rich Neher

DROP-IN TENNIS SECRETS is my first book in a long time. It's a manual for everyone playing or teaching tennis and interested in creating a second income with the sport. I've been doing it in Southern California for over 21 years and the book is a roadmap for making extra money in the sport of a lifetime.


The book is available on Amazon as paperback and Kindle. Scroll down to learn what others are saying about the book and for Q+A videos where I'm answering questions from readers.


I want you to make some extra money!

Drop-In Tennis Secrets is a handy guide for those seeking to organize tennis matches for local players and make some money in the process. This manual is suitable for tennis professionals that want to add a second income stream to their regular business, and for entrepreneurial tennis players who want to start a business in the sport they love.

How does an extra $15-20,000 a year sound to you?


All the steps for starting and conducting a successful drop-in tennis business are covered, including


• Evaluating your situation and the market

• Your goals and profit expectations

• Business plan and finding Host Clubs

• Planning weekly drop-in tennis events

• Marketing strategy

• Conducting events with a Secret Sauce

• Tips on how to be a good leader


All aspects of a new tennis business, from start to finish, with plenty of tips and tricks, are included. 

Written by Rich Neher, a tennis writer, and publisher of a monthly newsletter titled TENNIS CLUB BUSINESS. Rich has organized and conducted thousands of drop-in tennis events in Southern California since 1998.

I want to show you how it's done. My booklet is the roadmap for extra cash in your pocket. Buy it, read it, start setting up your part-time tennis business right away!

What do others think about Drop-In Tennis Secrets?

I absolutely loved reading “Drop-In Tennis Secrets – such great, easy to follow tips for the pro, his/her assistant or for anyone, frankly, out of a job and looking to make a little extra income . . .

BUT – even more, I liked it as a resource for players who, at this level, so often quite b/c it is too hard to find an equal partner, or b/c their experience was not a pleasant and fun one. Just a great way to bring added lessons into the fold, build a relationship within the community AND to teach others the joy and fun of tennis (or pickleball) ☺. As a Tennis Patron’s group in the early ’60s, we did this for kids from all over who were looking for matches or so they could meet to play or participate on a “Ladder.” The Patrons paid a nominal fee to the “administrator,” who would arrange the matches when the appropriate age-level or ability showed up. It was a great success!!! You provide yet another level of this concept.


Dick Gould

Legendary Stanford Coach
Vice-Chairman, TeachAids
Palo Alto, California



Rich Neher’s Drop-In Tennis Secrets is a step-by-step guide on how to successfully organize tennis socials that are appealing to players, just show up and play. Every tennis center needs to incorporate Rich’s ideas, based on years of personal experience, into its calendar of weekly tennis offerings. Includes details on pricing and how to turn this into a nice side business for the organizer.

John Reade | Tennis Professional

Peter Burwash International
Tokyo Lawn Tennis Club
Tokyo, Japan

Like any good journalist, Rich covered the 5 W’s extremely well. What is this program, who could use it, when it occurs, where it can occur, and a well-defined WHY you and every pro or club should have a Drop-In Secret of their own?

Rich’s story of this “secret sauce” he has mastered should motive everyone to use his recipe to grow their program memberships, comradery, tennis lessons as well as a feeling by everyone that “our club is special”.

Ken DeHart | Director of Tennis
Silver Creek Valley Country Club
San Jose, California
PTR International Master Professional
USPTA Master Professional

Rich is one of the most enthusiastic tennis professionals. He promotes tennis and the business of tennis. His passion is evident in his step-by-step guide that describes how to create and implement successful drop-in tennis programs. Check it out and strengthen the base of players in your community by starting a program at a facility near you.

Gary Horvath
USPTA Master Professional
Principal, Gary Horvath & Associates
Denver, Colorado

This model would be a welcome addition to pickleball, where too many players are disgruntled by the lack of organization on the courts. Better time management on court leads to faster improvement for each player’s game. It is a win/win/win for the club because better players play more frequently if they see their games improving, players gain by having no more standing around trying to dodge getting into uneven games, and the drop-in manager increases his income by efficient court management. Pickleball needs to go in this direction, and the newer sport is fortunate to have tennis leading the way.
Alice Tym
Former World #13 Tennis Professional
Former U of TN at Chattanooga Women’s Coach
Pickleball  Expert and Writer

We are all on the same boat, looking for ways to navigate these difficult times, and for that matter, the tennis world in general.  Rich provides another sextant for a very important area of our coaching waters: social learning.  Sharing, or in his case, giving away the “Secret Sauce,” is a great contribution to the teaching world. 

We already get a heavy dose of coaching tips on how to hit the ball, play the game, but all of that can become meaningless if there is no organized outlet or programs for playing.  At the end of the day, it’s a sport, a game, and by design is a sharing experience.  Let’s not forget that providing the experience opens the door to growing the game…Rich’s manual provides an important key for that door.

Rod Heckelman
General Manager/Director of Tennis
Mount Tam Racquet Club
Larkspur, California

As I read your book, it reinforced for me how there is no replacement for experience. Your vast experience and passion for tennis and people have made you successful and uniquely qualified to help others. I hope that others will read this booklet and realize it can help them create their own success story!

Delaine Mast
National Director
World TeamTennis Community Leagues

Rich brings his extensive tennis community experience along with his passion for the game to create a fun experience on the court.  Drop-in tennis is a creative way to meet new people, play lots of doubles and mixed doubles plus make some extra cash.  Follow his steps, add the secret sauce, and you will have a successful side business.

Anne White
Director of Tennis
Beverly Hills Tennis Club

Available on Amazon.

Q+A with Author Rich Neher


I am answering the questions you emailed me about my book DROP-IN TENNIS SECRETS and how to make your new tennis business work. I promise to keep the videos short so the most I'll answer is two questions at a time.

Questions 1 and 2 are about whom to approach at potential Host Clubs and what to do with good players in your group who misbehave.


Questions 3 and 4 are about what to charge in Pensacola, Florida, and what to do with your used tennis balls.


Questions 5 and 6 are about players coming into your group who are either over-estimating their level or are simply too strong.