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11 Ways To Know If Your Tennis Professional Is A Scum Sucking Leech

By The Commish

#11   They Have A Proprietary Teaching System

When you are offered a non-disclosure agreement that you must sign prior to taking lessons or joining staff, then you are certainly at the mercy of a megalomaniac.  Have fun with that. 

#10  They don’t say thank you for any of the free stuff they get. 

You probably don’t know that your pro is sponsored and gets their racquets for free. Or you probably don’t know if they have to pay for their racquets because they never do anything to sell them. But know this, 90% of the scum suckers never say thank you, they act like they are entitled. 

#9  They wait a good 24 hours at least before returning phone calls.  

Why would they want to appear desperate to talk to anyone?

#8 They cancel at the last minute and it doesn’t cost, them or they no show, but when you cancel within 24 hours it costs you.

#7 They smell bad.


#6 They offer innuendos in their coaching and communications.


#5 Dollar signs flash in their eyes for services that should be pro-bono

#4 They tell the same old stories about their former playing experiences, as though they are more important than yours.

#3 They wish they could be anywhere but doing your lesson

#2 They leave the club immediately after lessons and are almost never available to talk.


#1 They never watch you play

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