Newcomer to the international tennis business arena, marketing manager and founder of Nordic Tennis Christina Mihaela Carare from Norway offers tennis clubs and coaches, organizers and organizations, brands and businesses 15 days done-for-you social media strategy and content to all newsletter subscribers.

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by Christina Mihaela Carare

The impact that the Coronavirus has had on the tennis community around the world is unprecedented. Many clubs, academies, tournaments, event organizers, brick and mortar - and online stores of all sizes, as well as coaches and players are being forced to find new ways of working and communicating.


Often, you are having to do this without any help or guidance, and on very limited time and budgets.


Given the fact that we are looking for ways to stay connected with the outside world, we spend more time and engage more on social apps than before - which means it has become even more important to be active on your social platforms.


But social media can be daunting. Overwhelming. Stressful and time-consuming

Having a strategy to market your business, creating content to post with intention, having things to say with purpose, knowing when to post, where, and doing it all organically, without paying for ads, in order to increase followers and potential members, customers, clients, revenue - is not easy. (Just writing this has me out of breath!)


You know that social media is the name of the game, but you don’t know how to keep serving your community, without being sales-y.


Maybe you are wondering how to take advantage of people spending more time on their phones these days to get more eyes on your business. You want to create quality content to promote your business but aren’t sure where to start. You got the desire, but not the know-how.


Marketing your business on social media, especially in pandemic times, is a challenge for anyone.


I get it and that’s where I can help.


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Social media is something I work with every day as a marketing manager for one of Norway's biggest chains of commercial shopping centres. As well as building Nordic Tennis, an online tennis magazine and directory for Norway, in my spare time, helping clients market their business on social media, and personally gotten business through social media, I know first hand that social media works.


But it's when I put in consistent effort, with a strategy and purpose for posting and engaging, that it pays off.


And I know how much time and headspace this can take.


I know, it can feel weird to continue to post on social media in such uncertain times.


But even though we are in a challenging situation, it doesn't mean that purposeful, reassuring, and personal messaging does not apply - in my opinion, it's, in fact, the opposite.


In times of uncertainty and fear, proactive communication with club members or customers if you are a tennis brand, with your coaching clients if you are a tennis coach, or with your sponsors if you are an up-and-coming tennis player can help address their questions and concerns—reassuring them that you are still here for them, socially distancing speaking.

So I wanted to play to my strengths and equip tennis businesses with ideas and tools that could help you take action, show up for your online community and keep you top of mind with your followers until things get back to some level of normalcy.

That is why I created a done-for-you social media package you can download and customize to fit your tennis business.


When you sign up to my newsletter, you get access to:


- 15 free tennis photos: Use these across your social media channels along with the caption templates, or on your website, newsletter, blog, flyers etc.


- 15 fill-in-the-blanks captions for social media for you to customize and plan to post for the next two weeks (or use as inspiration for in a blog post, newsletter update og social media update)


- 15 photo prompts if you want to take your own photos to go with the caption templates


- 15 content ideas of what to post so you don't run out of things to say on social media the next weeks

You might be wondering why 15 photos and 15 captions.


After surveying tennis clubs, I saw a pattern that most clubs I talked to, posted twice a week. According to this frequency, 15 photos and 15 captions should have your social media posts covered for an entire month.


How many times should I post on social media, is a question I´ve been asked many times.


My short answer is as many times as you can stay consistent.


My personal recommendation however, is for you to post between three to five times a week. Pick a frequency, and stick to it. Stay consistent.

You will always hear me say that consistency wins the game.


This is for three main reasons:


1) You need your customers and potential customers to hear from you consistently, so they feel that they know you. Over time, this builds trust. And when your customers trust you, they buy from you and they speak warmly of you to others.


Word of mouth, meaning that someone recommends you, your business, or products to a friend, is one of the most powerful marketing strategies for your business.


In fact, a whopping 100% of the tennis clubs I surveyed responded that word of mouth marketing, a member recommending the club to a friend, family member or colleague, is their number one way of attracting new members.


2) Consistency wins the game because Facebook and Instagram algorithms will show your posts to followers more when they engage with your content. If they don't have any new posts to engage with, there is nothing from you for the algorithm to put in front of their eyes.


3) Consistency wins the game because being consistent builds habits. And habits lead to results. Think of it this way: if you want to improve your tennis game, you need to practice regularly. Only then can you become a better player.

Your done-for-you social media package will help you stay consistent, save you time and sanity, get you in front of your audience, and keep your tennis business moving forward in these uncertain times.


So for anyone working in tennis, head over to my web page and sign up to my newsletter to access your social media content and action plan amidst Covid-19


I am here for your tennis business in this time of change. If you have any social media questions, feel free to shoot me a DM on Instagram or email me at