Tenacious Mindset
On & Off the Court

by Angelo A. Rossetti


A Tennis Sequence Playbook

by Brian Elliot

MARCH 2020



The Tenacious Mindset On & Off the Court

by Angelo A. Rossetti

Angelo Rossetti, the man with interesting world records in tennis (more about this in his Bio below), promises to "help you develop a tenacious mindset for your sports and life with 30 Mindset Moments from his two world records." 

With a foreword by legendary coach Nick Bollettieri and acknowledgments by leading tennis minds like Johan Kriek, Dick Gould, Wayne, Bob, and Mike Bryan and many others, the book is divided into twenty chapters of powerful content reflecting the teaching 

experience of a coach who was certified 28 years ago and currently is Director of Tennis at Weston Racquet Club and President of USTA Connecticut.

"Play with powerful intent"

Throughout the book, Angelo points out MINDSET MOMENTS and PURPOSE POINTS. He is an advocate for a new form of percentage tennis, meaning consistently aggressive, aggressively consistent, play each shot with the next shot in mind, be in first strike mode. He writes about confidence, focus, mental attitude, strength, emotional intelligence, skill retention, and so much more. All laid out methodically, with plenty of quotes (e.g. from Andre Agassi and Mark Twain) and photos. 

"Compete Like A Boa Constrictor"

A good example of Angelo's style and content is 28. COMPETE LIKE A BOA CONSTRICTOR NOT A RATTLESNAKE. He writes, "A rattlesnake quickly goes after its prey and it's either hit or miss with the snake's venom. Whereas a boa constrictor carefully and methodically constricts its prey from breathing and, over time, wins." He goes on to give an example of how Tom Brady does the same with the New England Patriots.

It is really a pleasure reading Angelo's book. The combination of advice, anecdotes, stories, and photos makes it one of the most interesting tennis books I have ever reviewed.


Angelo A. Rossetti


Angelo is a USPTA P1/Elite & PTR teaching professional, being first certified in 1992. He has served as the Director of Tennis as well as Head Pro for outdoor and indoor tennis clubs.

He has taught with ATP Tour professionals, including Tom Gullikson, Tim Mayotte, Johan Kriek, Mikael Pernfors, The Jensens, Mal Washington, James Blake, Jared Palmer & Monica Seles. A top Division I player at the University of Connecticut, he earned a B.S. degree in Sports Marketing. He won the USTA New England Sportsmanship award in 2005. In 2007, he & his identical twin brother, Ettoré, were ranked #1 in New England Men's Open Doubles and top 10 in singles.


Angelo earned the 2007 USPTA Regional Teaching Pro of the Year & 2007 Open Player of the Year. He is certified for Developing Junior Players & QuickStart from USPTA/Nick Bollettieri. Most recently he earned the National 2009 USPTA Tennis Industry Excellence Award, also for New England in 2008. He has been a certified attendee for 2 consecutive years at the USTA National Teacher’s Conference at the U.S. Open. Angelo has both coached ladies teams & played on 5.0 & Open USTA men’s teams that have gone to nationals. His most recent certifications are Developing Mental Toughness & USTA High Performance.

In August of 2008, he & Ettoré, set the official Guinness World Record™ for the Longest Tennis Rally totaling 25,944 continuous strokes, lasting over 14 hours & 31 minutes. In addition, the record is featured at the International Tennis Hall of Fame in the permanent exhibits. He is philanthropic minded & still raises money for notable charities. Angelo & his wife, Pam, live in Hamden with their daughter, Madison, and son, Andy. Angelo has a passion for caring and inspiring people at every age, on and off the court.



A Tennis Sequence Play Book

by Brian Elliot



Brian Elliot's book is a quick read. He states his mission as "That a player can learn at least one additional skill from this book and be enabled to become a better tennis player." He describes the content as "This book is about learning and understanding shot selections in tennis. The topics in the book discuss the following: The Art of “Balance, Rhythm & Power" in tennis The Triangle System ∆ The Degree of Change in tennis The Simplicity of Tennis & Singles and Doubles Sequences. Learn where to hit in singles and doubles. The Art of “Balance, Rhythm & Power" in tennis. The Triangle System: The Degree of Change in tennis. The Simplicity of Tennis and how to make tennis simple by hitting to the correct places on the court"

The 32 chapters of TENNIS SEQUENCES are short with mostly double-spaced text. On 68 pages Brian is able to delve deep into strategy and techniques for becoming a winning player. I liked the chapters on playing smart singles and doubles. Under DOUBLES STRATEGY AND PLANNING he calls the usual doubles communications between two players "surface planning." He challenges us to come up with a more thought-provoking tennis system, one that "will be active throughout an entire match, tournament and career."  He calls his system of knowing where the opponents are going to hit the ball the "Triangle System."

Without going into too much detail here, it's basically a system "based upon offensive, defensive and neutral plays at which a ball is set at a particular location and hit to another location based on the degree of change."

Interesting! Brian ends his book with a whole bunch of illustrated tennis sequence plays he recommends to improve a player's or a team's strategy.


Brian Elliot


I am a tennis researcher/theorist, developer, and tactical coach. I lean toward the professional circuit, as I have developed systems including The Triangle System, Degree of Change Theory, just to name a couple. I have played number 1 varsity tennis at Whitworth University. Later adapting towards a professional teaching career. My background has been predominantly WTA or Women's Tennis, but can help either WTA or ATP players in regards to tactics and strategy on court that would like to further their understanding of the game of tennis.