Rachelle Lifpitz


The Author

Rachelle Lifpitz is an 18-year USPTA Tennis Coach, wife, mother, and grandmother, and has recently written and illustrated a book called,” Just love Tennis 4 Kids”. Her love of the sport shows in this book. Her hope is that everyone that would like to learn tennis can do so step by step from her book. The book, a tennis manual and coloring book has received great reviews. It has brought families together to be active and learn a wonderful sport called the love game.

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Tennis Teaching Manual and Coloring Book for Kids

by Rachelle Lifpitz



Reviewed by Rich Neher

Before I post my own review of this 44-page coloring book, I want to show you the book's description on the Amazon site.

Just Love Tennis 4 Kids is a manual and a coloring book for ages 3 and older. This book engages children of all ages through learning to love the game of tennis. It provides parents and coaches with fun activities and tools to engage children on the tennis court. Kids also are able to use this manual as a coloring book. 

This is an easy to follow description to help players of all ages get out on the courts to play tennis. In this book, you will learn what equipment to use, rules of the court, how to hold a racket, how to move your feet, all strokes, how to play fun games, etiquette, and sportsmanship. You will also learn to play a full match. The fun and easy to love characters, Addi, and Netty are used as a positive example of learning how to play and love tennis throughout the book. Now it is time for you to have fun and love the game of tennis.


The author, Rachelle Lifpitz is a USPTA tennis instructor. She has shared the love of tennis for over 18 years. Coach Rachelle wrote this book so that all parents, grandparents, and coaches can share and teach the love of playing tennis. Tennis has helped her own daughter, starting at the age of 3 with development, discipline, and balance.


Coach Rachelle has seen the value of tennis with hundreds of students she has worked with. She wrote this book to touch and share the love of tennis with many more families. She strongly believes tennis helps the mind, body, and soul of a person. She has elected to donate some of the profits of this book to Souls4Soles, a non-profit organization with their mission of "wearing out poverty" but providing short term and long term solutions for families in need.


I like the concept of a coloring book explaining tennis in clear, easy-to-understand terms for young children. But Rachelle's book is more than that. Illustrated with the help of her two characters "Addi" and "Netty" she explains the basics first, like racquets, balls, and the court. Continuing on with basic rules, ready position, foot stance, warm-ups, and hand-eye coordination she starts with games and "drills' on the court and has some advice for doing those:

In this book, you will find it easier to play tennis by reading and coloring the story first. Then each day go to the court with this book and flow one page at a time, reading only the Explanation Boxes to the kids. This will be easier than you think. Having the correct size racket, smaller courts, nets, and lower-bouncing balls will help aid in learning the game so much faster.

All those games are clearly explained and illustrated. The book ends with "a full match" followed by "stretch and cool down" - all with an emphasis on "just have fun."

I think ages K-5th will enjoy this book and learn the basics of tennis in a very playful way. I think it's well worth its price of $12.99.

Rachelle dedicated JUST LOVE TENNIS 4 KIDS to her late brother Alan Scott Isaacs who passed away 2017. She also did a shoe drive in his memory which expanded in the continued collection and donation of shoes to Soles4Souls. Rachelle writes, "After you wear out your tennis shoes, please consider giving them to Soles4Souls. Go to their website to find a drop-off place near where you love or donate directly at