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Recognizing Roy Barth's accomplishments, the PTR wrote in January: "From his success as a decorated junior to playing on the pro tour to managing a prestigious tennis center to countless accolades and induction into several halls of fame, Roy Barth has a long and storied history with the game.   

Barth started playing – and winning – as a junior in San Diego.  He won three national junior doubles titles, was selected to the USA Junior Davis Cup team, and went on to play varsity tennis at UCLA. 

Bill Patton

With the publication of The Athlete Centered Coach, Bill Patton is working hard to influence sports culture globally. There is a revolution going on in coaching, and Bill has always colored outside the lines, so he is ready for new lines to be drawn. He used to take his toys apart to see how they worked. He turned those experiences into a strength. Now he creates innovative templates so that others can build on success and make it their own. 


He is most proud of winning an NCS Championship and becoming a published author for the first time. Once when trying to speak another language to a player, he thought he was asking if she was embarrassed, but he used the word for pregnant. That got sorted out later.


Bill Patton is Tennis Professional and is currently coaching his 10th different high school with 30+ years of experience in the field. He has coached at several schools with many great results. Mainly, the players had a great time maximizing their games and playing on the teams. He is now featured on, with three different tennis courses.

Bill and his business partner Styrling Strother have started USATennisCoach, LLC, which trains, certifies, mentors, and collaborates with high school tennis coaches.

Bill, a Maverick Leader, is co-founder of USATennisCoachl, a Catalyst for Omni Athlete: The Future of Sport, a PTR and MTM Professional.

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How To Take Ownership Of Your Corner Of The Tennis World

by Bill Patton



The field of life coaching partly sprang from one of its founders W. Timothy Gallwey. One of the current great life coaches in the world taught me a pivotal concept that I have not only taken on but also improved and I want to share this with you right now. Steve Chandler shared that we are either owners or victims. We choose which one we are. If you have a problem and have a victimhood attitude about it, it tortures you and you don't feel in control. When you move to an ownership mentality, then you have more of a stake in the outcome. After a few years of mental gymnastics on this concept, I felt like something was missing, and as a true owner, I decided to add the fact that we are either holding on or letting go. So like a gymnast who let’s go of an apparatus to do a move, and then reengage with it in a different space, so we mentally can be on balance and firmly can go from one place to another in our coaching practice. We are ever-evolving practitioners. We do so either like someone who is whitenknuckling the roller coaster or we have our hands in the air and lean into it.




When it comes to our schools, teams, clubs, or organizations, let's think like owners. I have been practicing thinking like an owner for almost 10 years now. One of the big red lights in my life was a catastrophic brain and neck injury in 2010. At that time I was the victim of someone texting and driving who rear-ended me with their car while I was driving and my neck was at an angle. I was completely out of work for two full weeks with a major concussion, complete with migraines, photosensitivity, lack of emotional control, fogginess, etc. While I was able to go to work, the migraines, fogginess, neck pain, and lack of emotional control lasted six months. Now though, I am the owner of that experience, which saw me losing much of my clientele. Out of the ashes, I started to rebuild piece by piece everything I think, do, and say. That journey into mindfulness has brought me here today with you. Together we can be owners.

My first objective and yours too is to let go of victimhood. Then move to the ownership ring and grab a hold. Prepare to do your own iron cross. So if I'm at a school I think as though I own the school, at a club, I own the club and so on...

This is where we can shift our attitudes in regard to knowledge and philosophy. I'm always astounded by coaches who are victims of their knowledge. They hold so tightly that all they seem to render are incomplete beliefs. They have to prove that their knowledge and philosophy has value, and they say things like, 'that's what I think', and 'in my humble opinion', while in reality their thinking is a strongly held fallacy and their opinions can't rightly be called humble.

The nature of knowledge itself is humiliating. There is always more, no one owns it fully, except God, and we are always standing on the shoulders of giants. The problem comes from presuming and attempting to prove ourselves to be the giants.

I'm appreciative of all the compliments I have received in regard to putting thoughts out into the world. There is a line from a John Mellencamp song that I love from his Album: Love, Life, Death, and Freedom. 'I have loved and fought with many, but they love me just the same.' For those that know me, I'm a lover, but I don't shrink back from a fight. I’m fighting for the purity of pursuing best thoughts, actions, and deeds, from a place of authenticity. When you come from that place and nurture it great value is born. But now, what do we do with this?



Start with gratitude. I'm grateful that you want to have part ownership in my experiences. After you go through the terror of writing a book, where you put your psychological nudity out to the world, for trolls to give one-star reviews, an odd thing happens, you get fans. One of the strangest experiences is the first time you sign your name in someone's book. That's the moment you become an 'author'. It's like there are two different people, there is this guy who is known in the world, and there is this guy who is an author who has more value in people's eyes. You should write your book so that you can experience that. I will help you. This way we all further our field of coaching with greater value and ownership. My private lessons are worth more to a consumer because I write, isn’t that odd?



Alas, the words don’t belong to me or you. A former friend told me in 2011 that having the stated goal of ‘Becoming a Thought Leader’, was the most arrogant thing he had ever heard of, he meant it and was offended by it. His inability to grasp that created an estrangement. Let’s not get into his victimhood. What I explained to him is that if you, I, or anyone has thoughts, that when shared lead others to have greater ownership and value, then that makes that person a ‘thought leader’. Many people operate as filters, they see fiefdoms and hierarchical system, where the top people ‘let you in’ maybe, after you pay your dues, and kiss the ring on the finger. You need to apply for approval. Who qualifies me to be a thought leader? You do. Who qualifies you to be a thought leader? Your audience. Commit yourself to the mission of owning as much knowledge and better yet, understanding, and the value of your influence will grow. Let go of victimhood of knowing too little or too much. Grasp onto the growth mindset of always trying to further yourself and others by building knowledge and networks. Let go of the puny people and how they try to block you because they themselves have victim mentalities, and free your mind to grow this sport, your organization, your team, your school like never before.