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MARCH 2020


We are planning to conduct two short surveys each year and hope many of our readers will take the time to reply. The "Spring Survey" will have questions regarding our content and how to improve it. The "Fall Survey" is planned for September and will be focused on our readers, their jobs, salaries, etc.

Below are the results of our 2020 Spring Survey. We are posting the questions and all replies, charts, and comments.


How many stars would you give TENNIS CLUB BUSINESS newsletter overall?



What is/are your favorite section(s) in TENNIS CLUB BUSINESS?



Good online publication. All of the above are good reads.


Comments from other pros on both sides of the issues


I don't like the pickleball attention. They are just coached to be loud. Two clubs I manage had a couple of aggressive people demand lines on a tennis court and both are only used one hour/week.


All of the above. However, I would do a special issue limiting the scope to an in-depth look at tennis industry data over a six month or year period. What’s the impact?


USTA Articles and updates-pros & cons


Anything by Tim Bainton


Good stuff



How likely is it that you would recommend TENNIS CLUB BUSINESS to a friend or colleague?



Having a "counter" opinion to the USTA line is interesting but I don't see my tennis friends caring much about the inner workings. A lot like how it's hard to grow tennis, most just want to hit a ball and not get involved in a deeper way.


I do all the time


I am more likely to forward an article tJan a newsletter.


What subject(s) would you like us to add in order to make TENNIS CLUB BUSINESS even more interesting for you?


programming and lesson ideas


More ITF, USTA background stories


Focus How to increase the number of players nationwide.


Holding SCTA's feet to the fire!!!


More drills for juniors and adults...


Racket research


Local Event Info


I'd like to see more about how successful clubs/pros are bringing new customers to the game.


Guest editorials


Find the local people who seem to attract new kids to tennis and what makes them so successful. Is it their personality, connections, funding, etc. We need more of them.


marketing and retail trends


Like it now


Future strategies from tennis industries


No Pickleball


Club programming: activities, events that successfully enhance participation and grow members


Coaching advice for junior development


Covering Jr tennis and Jr. pickleball.


More 10u tennis


Systemizing your business- ways to make daily life more organized for pros- etc


Tennis positions that have been filled and the individual that was hired.


More info on tennis pros contracts with their club


Grassroots efforts to grow tennis


Volunteers needed to create significant growth which can only come through team tennis. Let’s have discussions in this area.


I think it’s excellent and don’t have any suggestions to make it better.


I would like to see more stories about pros, upcoming players, the struggles to make it to the tour and how the usta always never helps


Programs that are working around the U.S. to grow tennis.


History: what current players can still learn from Kramer, Laver, etc.


Seem to be bit Ptr biased nice to see equal representation


There’s a lot of great content and I’d like to see more issues dealing with women coaches and the unique challenges they face.


Tennis shops, my local pro shop for example.


Player development


I think the current mix is good. I like the variety of topics. I usually read the entire issue.


Tennis for underserved populations


Continue to study what is happening to the game. try and find out what the real numbers are.


Hiring pros. Where are the new 21-35-year-old pros? Our club is proud to mentor and educate young pros for a lifetime career in the tennis business.


Discussing updates on ALL alternative Racquet/Paddlesports, not just Pickleball.


New drill section


Well, off the top of my head, I’d say TCB look needs a small upgrade. The content rivals others though. The TCB might want to add some images? For instance, SCTA has improved its marketing a lot lately with a very good photographer covering tourneys, etc. They’ve elevated their presence (the brand) on social media, I believe. At least, I find myself following their stories more often now.


sections for junior tennis/adult tennis.


International news




Coaching education


International impacts on each country


What are the best approaches to staying on the edge of new activities?


Coaching Courses.


Software needs from what clubs and orgs need- what they need to run an efficient and effective business.


Include the uspta more- in a positive way for once.


letters with people signing their names


More investigators


Highlight financial true around a so others can learn club to club


Club management software and programs.


Innovations in tennis



Do you like our quest of holding the USTA's feet to the fire because no one else is doing it?



If it were not so biased to "let's get them" and were more balanced.


Yes, but the inflammatory tone of the articles is a huge turnoff. I would love to forward some of the things written, but they need to be written in a more neutral tone. I find much of the USTA to be horrible, but I know if I want people to listen I have to frame it differently.


It is not doing their stated goals.


More... They deserve it!


About time someone does it.


There are others that are holding the USTA's feet to the fire


There are plenty of people who question USTA decisions even within the organization who are actively working on change. This is not necessarily reflected in your publication.


Somebody has to. But, if there is something positive, mention it.


Same should apply to the LTA in the UK


Let it go- focus on what we can do- give us positive ideas and guidance instead!


Extremely negative! Enough already!


It's the government.


Gene Scott held their feet to the fire for years. Not sure if it ever had an influence. Need to be involved locally - volunteer.


only 700,000 of 17.8 million people are USTA members. What does the USTA do to support them? There are some very nice people who work at the USTA. They care about tennis. Given the amount of money in the USTA coffers, USTA tennis should be the strongest in the world. It is not.


Someone has to do this. Thank God for this site.


Thank you!!


Proper decorum & respect is appreciated when defending opinions and questions




Rich..I honestly only became aware of your newsletter a month ago so it's with very little experience that I'm giving these answers


USTA needs to change their fundamental ways


As a partial insider, I have been doing all I can to hold the USTA accountable. But, it is tough. Far too many are afraid to step up and speak up. The USTA needs to know that the tennis industry expects ... demands ... more and better from our sport's governing body.


Keep up the good work!!


Give Dowse a chance before jumping on him. Hopefully, he'll drain his swamp


I wish it wasn't with such a negative tone. Prefer to recognize what they have done right for tennis...and understanding there is room for improvement.


Most definitely!


They are not supporting the clubs, yet we support all the USTA programs


This is kind of a loaded question. First, I think it’s always good to have checks and balances on ANY organization;. Is the TCB newsletter the only one holding the USTA accountable? That’s would be an interesting article. What has been the impact? Where do members go to share stories and how does USTA respond to feedback? What have been the major changes and have they worked? What is the history? What section of the country or organization is leading?


It costs a lot to play tournaments for fun.


The term "holding their feet to the fire" is a disgrace. I would prefer you had an open and intelligent dialogue about any issue you would like to discuss.


Are you aware of anything the ITF (International Tennis Federation) has ever done that helped you and your business?




introducing court size and balls for new players




All indirect


but then I don’t feel it is their responsibility


Rules of tennis. That's it.


Play & Stay, 10U


ITF controls tennis. USTA has to abide by their rules.


We need to act locally. Itf does not effect us at the local level.


They have little impact at the player level, although they have some good research.


They give players a chance to compete and grow and the slow progression does count for something


No relevance to local programs.


As one of the 3 largest indoor clubs in Ohio, I can say that the ITF has never done anything that has helped or positively impacted my club and business.


Coaching education, resources, network


rule book published annually...


I am grateful for the help from many organizations and tennis personalities.




At least they manage circuit events and cup teams... the collateral materials and visual media surrounding these events support visibility of the sport.


Has the USTA ever done anything that helped you and your business?




Leagues and tournaments


net generation resources, grants for court repair


Offer Programs That Promote Play for Lesson Takers. Tournaments, Leagues, Junior Team Tennis, etc.


They do give out grant monies


Steal players to leagues so they play less often at home.


Junior pathway programs for ratings and USTA leagues


Started Application to resurface 6 courts in a highly competitive process.


Awarded me for volunteer work... BUT


They provided grants.


I was a USTA training center head coach

They have offered information and connections


implementing new programs and trying events


Net generation lesson plans & equipment


TSR's to help with the beginning of 10 & under tennis


USTA school program


Donated giveaway items


USTA leagues help create more interest in playing and competing on the weekend


I am a USTA national tournament director.


Sanctioned tournaments. Family tournaments. Set up a structure for team tennis. Adult leagues have virtually killed adult social tennis. Some amazing volunteers can be found in the usta but there are many self-serving individuals who ruin what could be good ideas and programs.


The tournaments and leagues promote lessons and clinics and give us an audience that wants to improve their skills in a measurable way.


They maintain the rules and standards of the sport. Teaching pros need to be able to customize their programs to their players. It is not easy to customize USTA


The usta goes out of its way to marginalize players and people who challenge them. You are a perceived threat if you know how the system should work and how to make it better. The usta only wants the players they choose to have success, and they do a dismal job of developing them.


Many program ideas, but at the Sectional Level, not National.


Jointly participate in Florida USPTA education days.


There are many examples. Education forums, competitions for myself and students; just plain fun!


They help in some but lack in personal adaptation


Really a partial yes. But, mostly the USTA has done too little to help my club and business, and grow tennis. "The Roof". "The Lake". "HP Juniors". Three trick ponies. As I have told USTA leadership, "Sally Smash playing on court 4 at (my club) does not care a wit about Lake Nona or the roof on Ashe. They want more tennis!!!


The USTA seems more interested in having their numbers up than helping clubs grow.




league team workouts


mentioned my tennis app as a good resource (iKnowTennis mobile app)


They provide for tournaments. They could help so much and yet they seem to be trying to squelch anything free in the sport.


Marla Messing is doing a great job and wants to help


One of the best programs the USTA offered was the CTC team camps. My daughter participated in PNW and my son in SoCal. Any competitive team experience they joined had a huge impact on their motivation. When I started a nonprofit, the USTA responded positively to my grant applications.


I believe that an honest/fair local league coordinator can work with facilities to help their membership growth through growing tennis participation. It is a recreational lifetime sport like golf, but more reasonable financially.




NC Tennis Conference


Sanctioned Leagues and Tournaments and provided grants for startup programs.


My reputation as a tournament director began with USTA tournaments. I am old enough to remember the Volvo leagues. Working with players involved in those leagues and later in the USTA was a very rewarding professional experience for me professionally.


Are you aware of anything the TIA (Tennis Industry Association) has ever done that helped you and your business?



Driving force to put Cardio Tennis on the map.


Some Articles and Statistics that help in decision making.


Not independent of USTA.


All indirect


They mostly bring information together about the industry and put people in touch.


In the past yes, last 5 years its the same old guard


Product reviews are good & partnership with USPTA in the magazine


They are good at getting stats


Only when Michelle was the head of Cardio Tennis


TIA gets an A for trying. As I understand it, they were formed in the 1990s because the USTA was not capable of bringing the industry together. Their efforts to unite the industry were a failure. The TIA participation survey is not credible. The USTA has enough money to produce credible industry data that can be shared by everyone in the industry without a fee.


Website programs and online assistance with our business.


Some good conferences.


I don’t like the TIA conferences and the lack of gender balance with the speaking opportunities.


Many ways...Quantifying numbers... Hosting trade shows... Education pieces..


I would love to know what they do for anyone?


But not for about 6 years ...


Cardio Tennis


They gifted our product


published a news release about my mobile app.


Their industry research shows trends and directions it gives club owners industry insight to future projections


Networking opportunities and equipment discounts.


TEAM - communication, and ideas to be shared


Not familiar enough with them.


Really not a fan of this organization


Provide useful statistics, recognized key individuals and raise visibility.


They have a good magazine and they provide interesting information about the industry


Please tell us what country you live in.


USA: 92=96.8%




Please identify your occupation / interest



NAIA Head Coach


Smashpoint. Tennis Software Development & Services.


NJTL Chapter Volunteer and Promoter of that Program. I am a former Director of Tennis.


Tournament Director, District Board member


Former USTA Official


Coach, Tournament Director


usta district - we are also ignored on a regular basis.


USTA family


Public Tennis Director. I have held all of these positions over a 52-year career




College Coach


Parent coach/hitter


H S Coach


USPTA head tester for Texas


USPTA Elite pro teaching grassroots city programs running tournaments.


When I read all the suggestions to increase tennis participation it always seems to be money-related. Simply, the usta and each section need to embrace volunteer-based junior team tennis, modeled after ALL other youth team sports. Simply, there are not enough pros or clubs to create significant growth. Just do the numbers. Compare to participation numbers in other youth sports. Use them to establish obtainable goals.


USTA District


Regional Director, Global Director of Tennis Camps


Author and Researcher


High-level national League program volunteer


Founder of a tennis youth organization


Advocate for tennis and pickleball


Director of tennis programs for teenagers


Parent of a player.


President of Tennis non-profit




also a tennis parent to 4 junior players


Local League Coordinator-USTA leagues


Industry Consultant


President - National Championship Tennis Inc.


Marketing Manager of a network of tennis facilities.