Anthony DeCecco

Anthony J DeCecco Jr is the CEO /Owner of Tennis Addiction Sports Club in Chester County, PA. As a consultant, he works with West Chester Golf and Country Club, Whitford Country Club, and Pennypacker Country Club. He. coaches the Malvern Prep Boys Tennis team and performs locally in a band called Almost Minnesota. He lives in Chester County with his wife Betsy, son Lucien, daughter Isabel, golden Jetty, lab Luna, and bunny Enzo. He works with Camphill Special School and is the founder of the annual Pro/Am Gala that raises funds for the school’s operational budget.

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 By Anthony DeCecco

In my opinion, our current strategy of staffing Country Clubs is antiquated. Whether it’s “Tennis Director” or “Director of Racquet Sports” it’s basically rolling the dice that one person can do the job with the help of inexperienced, low-paying help. We entice the Director by giving them a salary (which encourages them not to work) and forcing them to hire someone else to the work at a cut-rate. The members are led to believe that the Director is overworked and needs additional help. Eventually, the Director grows tired and complacent, we move an assistant into the slot and the cycle starts again.


I have a better idea! Work within any budget…. it doesn’t matter how much, but offer a team of pros instead of the hierarchy system. First of all, nobody worth anything wants to be a slave. The young people are too smart and are not interested in toeing the line for 10 years before they are acknowledged. Even Batman had Robin! Why not have 4 pros with superpowers to service all of the members? A visionary who oversees and makes all important decisions: Iron Man. A female pro to work with adult team tennis: Black Widow. A male pro to work with the adult men: Captain America. And a young Pro to string and work with the Juniors: Thor


Why not have a full staff of pros with superpowers instead of one pro bossing around an assistant? Not only is it more fun but it enhances the member experience! The trade-off is that the Director makes less money but is part of something infinitely more successful! It’s time to stop playing out Hans Christian Andersen’s  “The Emperor’s New Clothes” as a tennis pro in 2020! And this is only scratching the tip of the iceberg! It’s time for a more authentic, charismatic, enthusiastic tennis pro to lead us into the next century! No time for Lone Rangers and egomaniacs… it’s time for a team approach of pros with individual superpowers to save the day and bring the sport of Tennis to its rightful level!

The Avengers: A Superhero Team!